Why Great Photographers Pose Their Couples

There are few things better than sharing stories with an old friend. Recalling those times grabbing coffee or chatting together on a long road trip, the feeling of comfort settles in your heart. We all know that feeling. Old friends help you relax, feel good and be yourself.

You know who else should make you feel this same confidence? Your photographer. Why, do you ask? Because my job is to make you feel like your best self and to capture moments where you’re showing your best you! The goal is to create beautiful images for you to enjoy and I pour my everything into capturing them for you.

How do I do this? Well, there are a few practices I hold to in the whole photography process in order to make sure you’re fully confident. I make sure you’re confident from the first connection to when I deliver the finished photos. And when the real magic is happening, when I’m taking your photos, I boost your confidence with posing.

Why would posing help you feel confident? Why is posing important? GREAT QUESTIONS! Let’s take a look at my top reasons why great photographers pose their couples.

Posing Confidently

Posing is the way I communicate with you, guide you in the moment and help you to look and feel your best. It can be a small gesture or making sure your hair is perfect, it just means I’m looking out for you! Like other experts, I’m an expert in capturing beautiful moments. One of my favorite things is when you start relaxing and really get to be yourselves. Those are the most natural and beautiful photos. It all starts with the posing. Here are ways I will help you feel more confident with posing.


  1. I want to get to know you! Between poses I’ll ask questions about the two of you, how you met, what you like about your partner or even where their tickle spot is! We all love those genuine smiles and laughs.
  2. I’ll mirror some of the poses, which is always hilarious because not everyone can do the perfect hip pop. When I do one, you do one and we’ll all be laughing together.
  3. Details! I’ll be sure to check your hair, makeup and posture. Even small adjustments give you confidence in yourself and make the pictures look awesome.

Direction from an Expert: When it Matters Most

There are two times that posing matters most; in your engagement photos and wedding photos. You want to look your best in the best times. Here is what I focus on in these special moments.


Engagement sessions revolve around celebrating your love! Listening to direction frees you up to relax and be yourself. Then I capture your beautifully genuine moments. During the engagement photos, all you need to do is allow the moment to sink in. I may prompt a pose from you with, “give soft kisses on the cheek”, “tell each other you love each other using only your eyes”, or “whisper and tell each other the corniest joke you know!”


During your wedding photo time, enjoy the moment! The best weddings are ones we’ve already worked together for the engagement photos, because friendship and trust are built already. But don’t worry if we don’t have an engagement session. I always have your best in mind! I will guide you into the best and most flattering positions. I’m there for you, all you need to do is fall into the rhythm of being with your new spouse and relax.

Wrapping up

Posing is a surefire way to help you feel and look your best. This is what makes our time together extra special and allows you to loosen up with your spouse. Even photos that appear candid have elements of posing and styling. Your love is stunning and worth capturing, so don’t leave your biggest memories up to chance. Let me guide you to the best you through confident posing.


Until next time;)

xoxo Janet

Owner | Everything and Moore | Invisible Ink Studio | Nearly to Newborn | Nearly to Newlywed

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